Delivery of Information via Electronic Mail and/or Website Posting

The Sponsor must deliver to investors in the Funds certain notices and information required by regulatory authorities of jurisdictions to which the Funds are subject.  In order to promote cost savings and to ensure the timely availability of such information, for those investors that provide consent, the Funds will deliver this information either by electronic mail or by posting it on the Platform’s (or the Sponsor’s) “Investors-only” Internet website.  Notices and information which may be delivered to consenting investors in this manner include:  (a) the list of the qualified custodians that hold the Funds’ assets, along with their addresses and the manner in which such assets are held; (b) the Funds’ financial statements and investor newsletters; (c) offering document supplements; (d) revised Fund governing documents; (e) Investor Contract Notes and Statements of Account; and (f) other Investor notices and materials.  Although the Funds do not impose any additional charges for this electronic mail delivery or website posting, the Subscriber may, of course, incur costs associated with the Subscriber’s electronic access, such as usage charges from Internet access providers.  Investors who consent to receive these notices and information by way of electronic mail delivery and/or Internet website viewing may revoke their consent at any time by written notice to the Sponsor requesting that the applicable Funds send the information and notices in hard copy via postal mail.

Unless the Subscriber has otherwise indicated on the Execution Pages, by executing the Execution Pages, the Subscriber consents to delivery of the above-referenced information via electronic mail and/or Internet website posting.